Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dunfermline Abbey

My great-aunt and I were talking about Dunfermline Abbey today. I have a giant black and white photograph of it on my wall that my great-grandfather brought over with him many years ago.  Robert the Bruce is buried there.

My great-aunt asked if I'd taken any photographs of the Abbey when I visited a few years ago. I told her about trying to recreate the professional photograph but no matter what angle I went at it from a tree always stood in my way.  A tree. How wonderful.  Given its height, I'd say it's quite an old tree. The original is from  <a href="http://www.theglasgowstory.com/image.php?inum=TGSE01031">Maclure, MacDonald & Co. Galsgow</a>.  I'm not sure of the date.

The following is mine.  Taken in 2009

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