Friday, January 25, 2013

Burns Night

In honour of Robbie Burns, I share with you this sturdy Scot. Given its girth, this tree may possibly have been the inspiration for a Cotter's Saturday Night

                                              At length his lonely cot appears in view,
Beneath the shelter of an aged tree;
                                            Th' expectant wee-things, toddlin, stacher through
                                           To meet their dad, wi flichterin noise and glee.
                                          His wee bit ingle, blinkin bonilie,
                                          His clean hearth-stane, his thrifty wifie's smile,
                                        The lisping infant, prattling on his knee,
                                      Does a' his weary kiaugh and care beguile,
                                     An makes him quite forget his labor and his toil. 

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