Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fuzzy pink flowering tree

I've been having trouble making time for trees in the past month. Which both defeats the purpose of blogging about a tree a day and means I don't get my therapeutic dose of tree. Whenever I post or come by to look at what Keziah posted, I often end up sighing and relaxing as I look back through our photos. I need to remember that it's ok to take time for trees. So tonight I'm giving myself time for trees. I finally hooked up my external hard drive where I have all my old pictures stored, including many, many tree pictures. In honor of a friend's recent trip down under, I thought I start with tree pictures that I took from my trip to Brisbane in 2008. Although when I say start, I actually mean I'm going to be going back and filling in all my missing tree posts. So take a wander back and see what trees I found in Australia.

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