Tuesday, November 13, 2012


This should really be Theresa's post. She's the one who mentioned a whole separate blog about things in trees. Apparently, it was quite common in Edinburgh to see the oddest things, a traffic cone for example, up a tree.

This is a sight I encounter on my drive to work.

Just in case you cannot believe your eyes, here's a close-up of the ladder, sideways, in the tree.  I hope to catch someone on it at some point so I can ask, "What the hell were you thinking?"


  1. "Things in Trees?" Oh, man. I love it! Is this an apple orchard? It would kind of make sense to me, if it was. Maybe it's to keep the bears from picking after midnight. :-D

  2. it's a 6 tree orchard :) I think they are pear trees. We will see what blossoms in the spring.